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Portable Composite Sampling Device


MICROSAMPLER 10P® is a portable composite sampler used for taking samples of liquids from waste water, factory drains and manholes, valleys, water canals and of all kind of liquids that need to be examined. Smart type of electronic control unit with microprocessor operateable with rechargeable battery and adapter, can be programmed to take samples by time in a multiple or single way and has a special structure to work with an external pulse. Especially designed for use in open fields and places with no external energy supply. The cleanable stainless filter of suction line prevent waste water particles from penetrating into the pump and damaging the special hose.

Thanks to different language options, menu interface and keypad, the amount of samples, the sampling intervals and the time of sampling can be programmed by the user. After taking each sample the pump drains the water remained in the suction hose by working in reverse and allows the line to remain clear for the next sample. Reverse operating time can be adjusted according to the suction hose length. Due to the level switch as standard, an early warning will be given when the sample container is full to prevent overflowing. In the same time, an alarm will be output.

MICROSAMPLER 10P® device is equipped with a special measuring system which allows to take samples just by entering the desired amount without keying any suction lenght, hose diameter and length thanks to its flowmeter system which is being founded and developed for the first time by MICROLEVEL®.

Outer body of the sampler is made of material which is highly durable against bumps and weather conditions. If needed, it can be locked against persons with malicious intent. Due to working type and structure, it should be kept in an upright position. Extreme care should be taken not to rollever with the wind or human. Otherwise, the liquid inside the sampler container pours out and leaves permanent damage within the device. 


Sampling type


Operation mode By time, by flow, manual
Suction height 8 meter
Volume of sampler cup 10 liter
Suction hose 6m, with filter  8x12mm PVC hose
Pump / tube Peristaltic type / Norprene
Power supply 12V 7A battery and adaptor
Ambient temperature range 0...70°C
Sampling range Adjustable from 1 min. to 24 hours
Sampling amount Adjustable from 10ml. to 9999ml

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