Level Measurement Instruments

Microlevel Services

Demand-Oriented Solutions

We developer special solutions to meet the correct respnse to customer needs and demands. In these solutions where components for the purpose of project structure are recommended, efficiency and turnaround speed oriented consulting service is also provided.

Commissioning and Installation

Before mounting, the required controls for the determination of the suitability of environment and working conditions, the settings to be made, the identification of the properly function and the commissioning operations will be done by our technical team.

Onsite Discovery and Supervision

This is a consulting service to determine the appropriate product for your company needs, to place the purchased good to the application field, to connect with other installation equipments and to select equipments like connecting parts.

Service and Maintenance Contract

Service and Maintenance Contract provides an uninterrupted business during the day. Our service team take your products to maintenance on a periodic basis to prevent potential problems and to minimize downtimes. In addition, due to Service and Maintenance Contract you can take advantage of discounts and campaigns.

Product and Spare Part Supply from Inventory

To serve you better, we hold our products and spare parts at your disposal in our stock. In case of need, the products or spare parts are delivered to you as soon as possible and our technical service is ready to complete the implementation.

Customer-Specified Stock Supply

Stock supply can be made for your projects in special editions and / or in date intervals. Your stoks can be reached at any appropriate time and upon request applications can be done by our technical service.