Radarsensor zur Füllstandmessung von Flüssigkeiten

Model No: MICROPULS 56


· Easy assembly
· Non-contact measurement
· High sensitivity
· Maintenance-free construction
· Resistant to steam, pressure, temperature, gas

Application Fields

MICROPULS 56 is an ideal sensor for measurement of especially aggressive liquids under difficult conditions. Electronic amplifier is configured for difficult conditions. By this means MICROPULS 56 is the most effective radar according to the measurement range under difficult, steamy and humid conditions. With this feature it’s the most ideal sensor which is capable of measuring up to 30m of all kinds of chemical compounds, aggressive medium like acid, caustic and like all similar liquids.


Measurement range / freq Up to 30 m / 26 GHz
Accuracy ±3 mm
Process connection Threaded G1½ A or 1½ NPT, Flange starting from DN 50
Process pressure -1 … 40 bar
Process temperature -40...150 °C (optional -60...+400 °C)
Ambient, storage and transport temperature -40 … +80 °C
Operation voltage 14.… 36 V DC (optional 220V AC)

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